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About BodyTite

As we age, many see their skin start to wrinkle and sag on their face and body. While a natural sign of aging, this can often lead to self-consciousness in men and women. BodyTite is a minimally invasive, scarless body contouring and skin tightening procedure that uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction to firm the skin for a more youthful appearance. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Koch offers BodyTite at his New York office to help his patients feel more confident in their own skin and reflect their inner beauty on the outside. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Koch and learn more about how BodyTite can help you reach your aesthetic goals, contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

Ideal Candidates

If you're considering receiving BodyTite, you're likely looking for a noninvasive way to correct sagging skin or stubborn areas of fat on your body. Ideal candidates for BodyTite are those close to their ideal body weight, are in good health, and have discreet pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet, and sagging skin. Weight changes, aging, pregnancy, and heredity all contribute to sagging skin.

Surgical Technique

BodyTite is radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), a state-of-the-art technology that simultaneously liquefies and gently removes targeted fat, coagulates blood vessels, and tightens the skin.RFAL energy is applied under and above the skin to gently melt the fat and heat the skin and supporting structures. The thermal energy safely molds, contours and tightens, in a minimally invasive manner, with consistent results. Many individuals like to combine these treatments with nonsurgical skin tightening using our cutting-edge Morpheus8™ device to improve their outcomes dramatically. If this is something you're interested in, you can discuss it with Dr. Koch during your consultation.

What to Expect

After your BodyTite procedure, you should rest at home for about 5 – 10 days. Dr. Koch will likely suggest a compression garment be worn on the treated areas to encourage healing while also holding your new body shape. Some results will be visible instantly; however, your final results won't be apparent after about 3 – 6 months after your treatment, as the swelling will take time to subside. It's important to remember that even though the fat removed during a BodyTite procedure cannot grow back, the remaining fat may become more prominent if you gain weight. It is essential to maintain a healthy, steady weight after your BodyTite treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can be treated?

  • Back/Bra Fat
  • Love handles (Flanks)
  • Abdominal Fat
  • Fatty knees and thighs
  • Breasts can be lifted and tightened
  • Male breast area

How much does BodyTite cost?
The cost of your procedure will depend on the number of treated areas. Dr. Koch can go over all your needs and concerns to determine your custom treatment plan during your initial consultation. Once our team determines your treatment plan, we can provide your estimated costs.

How long will my results last?
A single treatment in the area of concern provides permanent, lasting results. Early results are visible about two weeks after the bruising and swelling go down. Impressive results become noticeable in 3-6 months.

What is radiofrequency?
Radiofrequency (RF) is advanced energy that uses electrical currents to create controlled heat. This heat targets and eliminates fat cells without disrupting the surrounding healthy tissue. It also helps promote collagen and elastin for tighter, healthier skin.

Is it safe?
BodyTite is a safe cosmetic procedure that is popular with both women and men. The BodyTite procedure is very gentle, and most patients return to light activities soon after treatment. Patients can resume more strenuous activities in 5 – 10 days, but this can vary.

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Slim, Tight, and Youthful

If you have areas of fat on your body that you want to get rid of, a surgical procedure, like liposuction, is not your only option. Thanks to advanced technologies, BodyTite is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical option to remove unwanted fat, as well as slim and tighten the skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Koch offers this cutting-edge procedure at one of his upscale offices in New York. For more information on BodyTite or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koch, call us today!

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